What is the queen of Norway called?

What is the queen of Norway called? HM The Queen Queen Sonja, born Sonja Haraldsen on 4 July 1937. Married then Crown Prince Harald in Oslo Cathedral on 29 August 1968. Became queen of Norway on 17 January 1991.

Is Sonja Norwegian?

Sonja Haraldsen was born on 4 July 1937 in Oslo, the daughter of clothing merchant Karl August Haraldsen (1875–1959) and Dagny Ulrichsen (1898–1994). She had three siblings, Haakon Haraldsen (1921–2016), Gry Henriksen (1924–1971) and Karl Herman Haraldsen (1929–1936, who died in a boating accident).

Is Sonja a rare name?

How common is the name Sonja for a baby born in 2021? Sonja was the 2558th most popular girls name. In 2021 there were only 67 baby girls named Sonja. 1 out of every 26,560 baby girls born in 2021 are named Sonja.

What does Sonja mean in English?

Meaning:wisdom. Sonja is a girl’s name of Greek origin. It is a variation of Sophia, which means “wisdom.” As a given name, Sonja is especially popular in Scandinavian and Slavic countries, while in the US, the alternative spellings Sonia and Sonya are more common.

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What language is the name Sonja from?

Sonia and its variant spellings Sonja and Sonya are derived from the Russian hypocoristic Sonya, an abbreviation of Sofiya (Greek Sophia “Wisdom”).

Is Sonja a Scandinavian name?

The name Sonja is primarily a female name of Scandinavian origin that means Wisdom. diminutive form of Sophia. Sonja Henie, figure skater.

What is the most common Norwegian last name?

The statistics: Most popular Norwegian surnames
  • Hansen (53,011)
  • Johansen (50,088)
  • Olsen (49,303)
  • Larsen (37,869)
  • Andersen (37,025)
  • Pedersen (35,145)
  • Nilsen (34,734)
  • Kristiansen (23,397)

Is Sonia a Scandinavian name?

The name Sonia is girl’s name of Scandinavian, Russian, Ukrainian origin meaning “wisdom”. Early European import, well known in the 1940s via Norwegian skating movie star Sonja Henie, that has sailed back across the Atlantic, despite the rising popularity of other Russian names.

What is the personality of Sonia?

Sonia, an introverted and docile individual, is enamored with Rodion Romanovitch Raskolnikov, an arrogant, poor student. Sonia’s purpose in the novel is to become his soul-saving grace after he kills two innocent people. She does so through leading by example as a trusted and loyal companion and confidante.

What religion is the name Sonia?

Sonia is a derivative of Sophia, a girl’s name with Greek roots, meaning “wisdom.” According to ancient mythology, Sophia was a Greek goddess of great intelligence, skill, and wisdom.

What does Sonia mean in Russian?

Sonia is a Russian form of Sophia, a Greek name, meaning “wisdom”.

Is Sonia name Lucky?

The name is originated from Hindi. The lucky number of Sonia name is 1.

Sonia Name Meaning.

MeaningWise, Sensible
Lucky Number1

Is Sonia a French name?

Sonia is an English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and French form of the name Sonja, which is a diminutive of the name Sophia and of Greek origin.

How do you say Sonia in French?

Is Sonia a Swedish name?

From Nordic Names – www.nordicnames.de – All rights reserved.


– Swedish

Is Sonia a USA name?

The Sonia family name was found in the USA, the UK, and Canada between 1880 and 1920. The most Sonia families were found in USA in 1920. In 1880 there were 39 Sonia families living in Louisiana. This was about 85% of all the recorded Sonia’s in USA.

Is Sonja a Russian name?

Etymology. Borrowed from Russian Со́ня (Sónja), an informal pet form of Со́фья (Sófʹja) or Софи́я (Sofíja, “Sofia, Sophia”), from the Ancient Greek σοφία (sophía, “wisdom”).

How popular is the name Sonja?

Popularity of the name Sonja

The name Sonja is ranked #2435 overall.

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